What is Gender Based Violence?

GBV can manifest in a number of ways, including sexual harassment, trafficking, child marriage, murder in the name of honour, domestic violence, economic and psychological violence, and female genital mutilation. Consequences of gender-based violence include serious, immediate and long-term impacts on the sexual, physical and psychological health of survivors.


What are the causes of GBV?

The causes of GBV are many and intertwined

Individual perpetrator

Witnessing marital violence as a child

Absence or rejection of parent

Being abused as a child

Alcohol abuse


Marital conflict

Male control of wealth and decision-making in the family


Poverty, low socio-economic status, unemployment

Associating with peers who condone violence

Isolation of women and family


Norms granting men control over female behaviour

Acceptance of violence as a way to resolve conflict

Notion of masculinity linked to dominance, honour and aggression

Rigid gender roles